Seismic Acquisition

Seismic Acquisition Experts!

Polaris Seismic is a World-leader in seismic acquisition. It has completed some of the World's toughest seismic programs, in some of the most remote and demanding areas of the World.

  • Trained in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and implementing its skills Worldwide – Polaris Seismic has worked in all types of climates and terrains; including extreme heliportable work.

  • Polaris Seismic focusses on client needs and requirements to ensure that the client is getting what it is looking for: Polaris Seismic rewrote the methodology for operating in one of the most remote areas in the World in Mongolia to get high resolution data for coal exploration.

  • Trained Mountaineer teams have been employed by Polaris Seismic to gain access to extreme terrain areas.

  • Polaris Seismic has many years of experience implementing heavy-duty safety and security operations to support operating in high risk areas.

Program Design

Thorough planning and designing of your seismic program is key to the success of your acquisition program. Polaris Seismic’s management team offers you an immense amount of knowledge and experience. In-depth discussions with clients ensure the proper parameters are implemented to the project - to deliver the desired data whilst working within budgets and to robust timelines.

Planning and Permitting

The development of a detailed project plan starts at the beginning of the bidding process.  A project specific operations plan and HSE project plan are created and delivered with each bid - utilising all information at the Polaris Seismic team's disposal. This allows Polaris Seismic to accurately price the project and hit the ground running upon project award. Each project has its unique challenges, however Polaris Seismic's extensive experience and detailed processes enable it to define the most effective and efficient way to complete any project.


An accurate survey of the project is an essential first step in ensuring that the seismic acquisition is as good as it can be.  Polaris Seismic's experienced team of surveyors utilize industry-leading equipment to ensure precision accuracy. 

Multiple Energy Sources

Polaris Seismic offers multiple energy sources - tailored to the goals of the program. The typical methods it offers are Vibroseis, Dynamite, or Polaris Seismic's patented Explorer 860 Accelerated Weight Drop System.