Vision, Mission, Values


Polaris is the most effecient and best 'quality managed' land seismic company in the world and is the 'Contractor of Choice' to both our clients and employees.


Polaris is a 'customer service' focused company that excels in the planning, management and safe execution of extreme exploration projects anywhere in the World.  Our expertise can be demonstrated by the quality management processes we utilize on all aspects of our operations.

We strive to be the client 'Contractor of Choice' with the best client service levels in the industry.

We treat our Clients like they are Partners, and we believe that:

  • A Partner becomes a constructive member of your team and contributes to your success.

  • A Partner is deeply committed and fully accountable.

  • A Partner has owners in the field.

  • A Partner provides total program management and daily visibility on results.

  • A Partner can work with a variety of seismic systems depending on the client’s needs.

  • A Partner has excellent knowledge of new technologies being developed in the geophysical industry.

  • A Partner provides cost transparency and win-win economics on projects and contracts.

  • A Partner provides fair pricing on rush projects and expects fair pricing on other projects.

  • As a Partner, Polaris Seismic recognizes that your success and ours is one and the same.


Polaris Seismic team members are committed to a high standard of behavior and our values include:
  • We are friendly, courteous and professional at all times.

  • We respect local populations and cultures and, where possible, we support them in our operations.

  • We recognize that everyone’s safety is a critical requirement in all of our operations.

  • We respect the environments in which we work and do our best to preserve or improve them.

  • We keep our agreements and are highly accountable with each other and ourselves.

  • We make positive contributions to the places in which we work.

  • We are honest at all costs and do not partake in any form of bribery or corruption.