3D Design

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3D Survey Evaluation and Design Services

Polaris can provide a wide range of 3D Seismic Design solutions; optimizing subsurface imagery while controlling costs and environmental footprints.

Theoretical Design

By closely analyzing client provided:

  • Target range of depths

  • Previous 2D stack sections

  • Existing velocity-depth models and filter panels

  • Polaris can supply a number of effective theoretical design options accompanied with and supported by:

  • Calculated optimal bin size to maximize available high frequencies

  • Multiple offset-range and unique coverage plots to ensure target fold

  • Offset and azimuth plots, as well as rose diagrams showing the distribution of fold, to demonstrate required even coverage

  • Migration aperture options based on dip and client requirements

  • Complete receiver and source point statistics i.e. line lengths, EOL-BOL, point density, total points

Offset Design

Once the design that best meets the client's objectives is chosen, a detailed offset plan is generated using, where available:

  • Digital elevation models (DEM)

  • Culture spatial data (pipelines, roads, etc.)

  • Geo-referenced and ortho-rectified digital aerial and/or satellite, photography

  • Geographical information systems (GIS)

  • Permit restrictions

  • Safety and environmental concerns