The Explorer 860


  • Up to 860,000 lbs of peak force.

  • Faster than Vibroseis.

  • VERY High Fold.

  • “Better than dynamite” quality.

  • Perfect for high density population and environmentally sensitive areas.

  • Only single unit required per Source Point.


The Explorer 860 is an entirely new type of surface energy source. It provides unrivalled force and production. Polaris Seismic's patented Explorer 860 uses servo-valve and mass LVT technology to produce the most powerful, repeatable and productive surface energy source in the World.

Explorer 860 News & Articles

CSEG 2004 Presentation Abstract. Dave Monk, Jim Ross, Bill Mooney (PDF)
Letter to David Monk, Apache Canada from Craig Beasley, SEG President. 2005 (PDF)
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