Polaris Seismic and Exploration Services - a start to finish solution!

Polaris helps oil, gas and mining resource companies explore for reserves in difficult areas around the world.  Polaris has an extensive history that goes back to 1996, with a Management team that has worked together since 1984.  Since 1996 alone Polaris has conducted over 1000 seismic projects. We have helped companies make world class discoveries!


Our Project Management is exceptional and we also manage third party seismic campaigns as well as Polaris Projects.

Polaris has a Partnership philosophy where we believe we must act as a member of your team to help your company be as successful as possible - and that your success and ours is one and the same!

Polaris Provides everything you need including:

  • Detailed and comprehensive Project Planning with transparent budgets and very firm progress targets and timelines.

  • Daily Operations and Financial reporting with detailed progress tracking using Key Performance Indicators at every level.
  • Exceptional relationship building strategies and strong Corportate Social engagement - we become excellent Ambassadors for ourselves and our Clients - we are always welscome back!
  • Polaris brings tangible local benefits with our target to source at least 85% from the local community
  • The most current seismic recording and source technologies are all available to us so we can deploy the very best equipment for the project.
  • Polaris also offers its own patented seismic Source the Explorer 860 Accelerated Weight Drop - the worlds fastest and most environmentally friendly source.
  • Recording systems to address all project needs - from mining applications to 10,000 channel 3D crews with both wired and nodal crews.

  • Source types include Dynamite, Vibroseis (Sercel NOMAD 65's), Marine Airgun and the patented EXPLORER 860.

  • Full heli-portable operations or heli-support as required.

  • Customized support equipment - including quads, argos, tracks and buggies.

  • Low Impact Seismic using GPS-guided mulchers for narrow line construction and low-impact tracked drill units.