What Our Clients Say

eax "The programme was trouble free, on time and on budget. Their HSE record was perfect.."

"They are a pleasure to work with, they listen closely and take note of client requests and can be trusted to implement them. They need minimal operation and HSE supervision, which saves  a great deal of management time."

- Jeremy Martin, Regional Manager EAX

"...we have always found Polaris' attitude to our operations professional; technically proficient and conducted following excellent safety guidlines."

"The productivity of this source is unrivalled compared to Vibroseis or dynamite, and our most recent data suggests seismic data quality that is better than both. We have seen high fold data from the Explorer provide better subsurface images than dynamite, with less preparation time required and much less environmental impact."

- Dr. David J. Monk, Director of Geophysics, Apache Corporation

energy "The Polaris team did a fantastic job and conducted a very professional operation. Polaris proposed an acquisition strategy to achieve better results than what has normally been done in Mongolia and the results have been a great success!"

- Gary Ballantine, Principal Geologist, Energy Resources LLC
bill-barret "I would recommend Polaris to any company considering logistically difficult, physically rugged, and operationally demanding 3D surveys."

- W. Roy Roux, Senior VP, Geophysics, Bill Barret Corporation
prime "I believe the Polaris team has a unique capability to bring best-in-class seismic surveying, camp and life support, security and government relations components to bear on your concession."

- Arlen Grove, VP Exploration, Prime Natural Resources
dominion "This success of the operation in Tanzania was due to Polaris coming in to Tanzania with a predetermined strategy, an integrated HSE policy closely related to their business strategy, highly trained and motivated individual workers, the right equipment for the job and an innovative outlook to achieving a high performance operation. The leaders of Polaris were there to support their crew in every way so as to make the project work."

- Robert K. Spence, Director/General Manager, Dominion Oil & Gas Ltd
heritage "At both field and senior management level, Polaris worked diligently, and afforded the best co-operation possible to their client."

"Polaris will be the first invited to tender on our next projects. We very much look forward to working with them again."

- Julian Heawood, Seismic Acquisition Manager, Heritage Oil Ltd
profico-logo "Our recent experience with the Polaris EXPLORER units has shown them to be an exciting new seismic source that allowed us to achieve unheard of productivity, coupled with excellent data quality. In particular for regional 2D data and large scale 3D data acquisition, this technology has the potential to revolutionize exploration. We may actually be able to find more reserves and spend less money doing so."

- Andrew Leachter, Chief Geophysicist, Profico Energy Management
apache "I have now used the Polaris EXPLORERs personally and seen their results on other 3D's. In my opinion, these source machines are a great development for our industry. I am now able to get frequencies equivalent to dynamite with much higher fold at a discounted price to the cost of dynamite shooting. I will continue to use these machines, where terrain permits, in order to acquire high quality cost efficient data on my prospects for Apache Canada."

- Kelvin Colquhoun, Geology & Geophysics Manager, Central, Apache Canada Ltd.