Kurdistan-Iraq Vibe & Dyna

In 2007, Polaris established its first international crew in Iraqi Kurdistan and has since completed several high profile projects within the region. In each case, clients were delighted with the data quality, as well as Polaris' ability to meet timelines and beat budget expectations. 
  • Excellent client references.

  • State of the art equipment - including Sercel Nomad 65 vibraters (62,000 lb. peak force) as well as portable air hammer drills for extreme terrain.

  • Complete package - including seismic aquisition, security and camp services.

  • Exceptional relations with local government officials and local labour suppliers.

  • Providing jobs for local Kurdish population.

  • Proficient in any terrain Iraqi Kurdistan has to offer.

  • Transparent bidding practices.

  • Robust safety record.

Tanzania Jungle 2D


Polaris introduced low impact technologies that not only impressed the National Environmental Council of Tanzania, but allowed for unprecedented production rates.

  • Low impact avoidance cutting using GPS-guided mulchers.

  • Narrow Comtrack drills with rotary and air hammer capabilities.

  • Very successful community relations in an area with high population density.

  • Line crew production had days in excess of 13 kilometers.

  • Polaris operated with main and satellite camp facilities and employed over 200 local national workers - including 100 Masai security.