Polaris History



Polaris was founded in 1996 with Partners Bill Mooney and Joe Little but these two partners had worked together running exploration Projects since 1984! Many of our  team have worked with Polaris since those early years and bring a wealth of experience to our Projects! 

We know what to do to maximize your results!

Since 1996 Polaris has conducted over 1000 projects world wide!  This has included over 700 3D projects with programs as large as 1000 km2.  Over 300 projects have been heli support or full heli portable so we have extensive exerience using airsupport in extreme terrains.  We have worked in conflict areas and have a full appreciation for security and UXO threats. We have the experience to know what will work best on your Project!

Polaris has a high standard of operations!

Polaris make a big investment in getting to know and work with the local communities and strive for 85% local content on Projects bringing them tangible benefits. We bring environmentally friendly technology and techniques so the impact on their land is minimized. Our team and the local workers are trained to operate using OGP 432 Guidelines with a very high focus on Safety and Quality. Polaris has helped make world class discoveries using this approach to business and we are welcome back in areas where we have worked