Community Relations

A major component that enables Polaris to successfully operate around the World is the importance its people place on Community Relations.

On top of its aim to implement an 85% local content policy on all of its jobs (meaning employment, supplies and consumables) - Polaris also places a substantial value on helping the communities in which it operates.

The Polaris team know that we are typically the first people on the ground to represent the oil and gas companies that will hopefully be working in these regions for years to come. As a result, Polaris teams feel a strong responsibility to initiate positive relations.

On past projects, Polaris teams have:

  • Imported and donated over 4,000 English educational books to schools in Uganda
  • Supplied children's football programs with football kits and equipment
  • Drilled water wells for communities
  • Visited schools to educate the students on our operations and the value to their communities
  • Improved road and trail access for local communities
  • Trained local workforces and supplied them with the appropriate PPE to perform the work safely