About Polaris

Polaris Adds Value to Your Company

Polaris are experts in helping resource companies find oil, gas and mineral deposits in extreme areas around the world. Our record for doing this is excellent and we have participated in many world class discoveries! Polaris provides comprehensive Project design and management,  state of the art  technologies and an extremely experienced team of seismic professionals. Polaris provides you with a start to finish solution using 'Best in Class' procedures and standards.

Polaris has a goal to be the 'Contractor of Choice' to all involved parties and demonstrates this by;

  • We provide our Clients with Confidence based on our 30 years of operational expertise and an extensive list of great Client references from past projects.
  • Polaris provides comprehensive and detailed Project Plans and cost effective, transparent and trackable budgets to our Clients.
  • Daily Reporting measures all progress and target achievement based on Project Key Performance Indicators at all levels of the operation.
  • Polaris are experts at creating Partnerships between its clients, contractors and the communities in which we operate to ensure everyones involvement in the Project is a win win.  We have an exceptional Community record and are great Ambassadors for Polaris, Canada and our Clients.
  • Polaris brings tangible benefits to the communities where we work based on our goal to source 85% of Project resources locally
  • Polaris places a very strong emphasis on HSE and all members of our teams are well trained and properly equipped with appropriate equipment.  Compensation, food and lodging are to high standards.  Polaris has an excellent HSE record.
  • Polaris are fully accountable - given the opportunity to conduct a Project, we take full responsibility for getting it done to the standards and quality promised!  Please talk with our past Clients!